Right, let the blogging begin! After I finally got my e-mail to work I was straight on here, all ready to start writing a classic immediately!

So far it’s been about three, four hours and I’ve only just managed to get things to work how I want them. Kinda. Times like these I wish I had a nerdy computer buff friend who could do all this for me. And then a hot Swedish blond friend who… uh, nevermind.

Got a couple of posts up, just a short story I did in ’07 and one of my favourite random-chapters-that-don’t-link-up-chronologically-yet-but-were-fun-to-write Greyraven pieces, Darkmoon’s Voice. A little bit of establishing back story that I like so much I plan to include it in the final draft. I will be doing a lot of random-chapter stuff, it’s my mismatched, “organised chaos” way of writing, i.e. write the bits I like first, then write the bits that link those bits up. See? Simple.

The only problem I’m having at the minute is sorting out a proper menu for this thing… but meh, that’s what procrastination is for!

(Oh, and did you see the title pic? HOW COOL IS THAT!?)


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